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Excellent quality since 1932


The confectionary Heinemann is committed to the ideals of highest quality and freshness since its founding.Only the finest ingredients are selected to pamper the palate.Our confectionary is one of the top addresses for fine chocolate and confectionary products in Europe.

Since 1968, our champagne truffles are one of the famous European specialties.
The Herrentorte, invented by company founder Hermann Heinemann and the juicy Baumkuchen are two more creations of the masterful range.






A variety of delicous chocolates and cakes are the pride of our art. All creations have been created here with utmost care and passion. Discover masterpieces of traditional and modern confectionary skills. Heinemann has virtually recreated the traditional Baumkuchen, which is one of the most desired patisserie speciality in the house.  It's such delicacy that truly melts in your mouth.

Heinemann - Baumkuchen






Our refined delicacies delight the connoisseur not only in this country, they have found many international gourmets. They correspond to our conception of finest confectionery as a beautiful art of good living.

Unsere berühmten Champagne- Trüffel

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