Delivery Terms

Please note:

  • In the online shop you can choose the day of send out, not the delivery date!
  • We do not ship to pack stations!
  • Collections are possible in the sales shops.

Designate a shipping day when we will hand over your freshly assembled package to DHL so that it arrives in time for a special occasion or appointment. DHL usually takes 1-3 days, but due to the Corona pandemic, it may take 2 days longer.

Important note from DHL:
Due to the high volume of parcels resulting from the Corona situation, the delivery of your shipment - domestic and international - may be delayed by several days.


Our prices include VAT.

Delivery times

As a rule, our products are ready for immediate dispatch.
With regard to delivery times, we hereby pass on the information of our shipper DHL.

Destination DHL specified delivery time
Germany about 1 to 3 working days
EU about 3 to 10 working days
Rest of the world about 10 to 30 working days


For postal shipping within Germany up to 31.5 kg, shipping costs of
6.90 EUR will be charged.
From 75.00 EUR value of goods per parcel, postal delivery to an address in Germany is free of charge.
Postal deliveries outside Germany (parcels up to 3 kg or up to 5 kg depending on the country incl. packaging) are only sent by airmail to ensure freshness.
Shipping abroad is exclusively at your own risk!

Please refer to the following table for all other delivery costs:

Country Shipping costs (gross) Maximum weight
Austria 13.00 EUR 5000 g
Belgium 09.50 EUR 5000 g
Bulgaria 12.50 EUR 3000 g
Czech Republic 11.50 EUR 5000 g
Denmark 12.50 EUR 5000 g
Estonia 17.50 EUR 3000 g
Finland 16.00 EUR 5000 g
France 16.00 EUR 5000 g
Canada 44.00 EUR 13 g
Greece 18.00 EUR 5000 g
Great Britan 18.00 EUR 5000 g
Hungary 10.50 EUR 3000 g
Irland 15.00 EUR 5000 g
Iceland 21.00 EUR 3000 g
Italy 26.00 EUR 5000 g
Japan 33.50 EUR 3000 g
Latvia 13.50 EUR 3000 g
Lichtenstein 21.00 EUR 3000 g
Lithuania 17.50 EUR 3000 g
Luxembourg 09.50 EUR 5000 g
Monaco 12.50 EUR 3000 g
Netherlands 09.50 EUR 5000 g
Norway 34.50 EUR 5000 g
Poland 12.00 EUR 5000 g
Portugal 17.50 EUR 5000 g
Romania 16.50 EUR 5000 g
Sweden 24.00 EUR 5000 g
Switzerland 14.00 EUR 5000 g
Slovakia 12.00 EUR 5000 g
Slovenia 12.00 EUR 5000 g
Spain 29.00 EUR 5000 g
USA 39.50 EUR 13 g
Cyprus 18.00 EUR 3000 g


For the shipping

  • to other countries or
  • to German islands or
  • heavier packages or
  • by freight carrier

Please contact our sales on +49 2161 693 252

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Cancellation policy

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Our terms and conditions of order and delivery apply exclusively! Contradictory terms and conditions shall only apply if they are expressly recognised and confirmed by us in writing. This shall also apply if we do not object to conflicting terms and conditions of order and have carried out the contractually owed delivery without reservation. Invoices are to be paid immediately upon receipt.
We shall only be liable for mix-ups, incorrect deliveries, incorrect allocations of personal letters and greeting cards to the extent that gross negligence on our part can be proven.

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