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Original Heinemann truffle with Champagne 280g, Heinemann whiskey truffle 300g, fresh Heinemann pralines 240g, marzipan delicacy 145g, cinnamon stars 110g, butter spekulatius 200g, ginger bread 160g, soft prins 130g- Free shipping in Germany!

105.80 EUR
All prices include vat, plus shipping Postage to an address in Germany is free of charge from a value of 75.00 EUR (without voucher) per package. 1 565 g Item No: 4723 Packing unit: packing_unit


.Champagne Truffles: Milk- chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER, premium cocoa mass, emulsifier, SOY LECITHIN, vanilla)CREAM,BUTTER sugar, dark chocolate,(premium cocoa, sugar ,cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN, vanilla)alcohol distillates, Champagne (4%), MILK, dextrose, humectant: sorbitol syrup 2)Mixed chocolates: sugar, ALMONDS,cocoa butter,CREAM,BUTTER,HAZELNUTS,FULL CREAM MILK POWDER, premium cocoa ,MILK, glucose syrup, WALNUTS, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat,PISTACHIOS,LACTOSE,orange,raspberries,orangeat,currents,black tea, emulsifier, SOY LECITHIN brandy ,orange, mocca and raspberry liqueur, Jamaica rum, Bourbon vanilla, coffee, sorbitol champagne, humectant: sorbitol syrup. 3) Marzipan Delicacies: ALMONDS (45%); Sugar, (25%) dark chocolate, (premium cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN, vanilla), water, inverter sugar syrup, ethanol, humectant: sorbitol syrup. 4)Whisky truffles: Sugar, cocoa butter, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER, premium cocoa, whisky (20%),BUTTER, humectant, sorbitol syrup, emulsifier ,SOY LECITHIN, cocoa powder vanilla. 5)Stollen: BUTTER(26%),WHEAT FLOUR, raisins, marzipan(7%),LACTOSE, rum, ALMONDS, orangeat, lemon peel, yeast ,honey, inverter sugar, vanilla, salt ,spices 6)Spicy butter biscuits(spekulatius):WHEAT FLOUR, sugar,BUTTER(24%),salt,vanilla,raising agents, ammonium bicarbonate 7)Leckerli: WHEAT FLOUR,honey,sugar,orangeat,hazelnuts,ALMONDS, lemon peel, cherry snaps,spices,raising agents,ammonium bicarbonate,salt 8)Soft Printen: WHEAT FLOUR,candis sugar,dark chocolate,(premium cocoa,sugar,cocoa butter,emulsifier,SOY LECITHIN,vanilla),ALMONDS,orangeat,,spices, rum,raising agents,ammonium and sodium bicarbonate,humectant,sorbitol syrup

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