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Sweet Oscar for the master of Champagne truffles


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He cannot complain about a lack of recognition: Pope Benedikt at the time turned out to be a Heinemann truffle fan, the company's green shopping bags appear on world-wide Instagram or Facebook photos, and his stores in Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach are places of pilgrimage for tasty treats from all over the world: Heinz Richard Heinemann is the globally renowned master of truffles. And he enjoys this.

Now he has received another award in Milan that makes him noticeably proud: he has become World Pastry Star. Behind this is a global organization whose aim is to cultivate and promote the confectionery trade, to praise special achievements in this area of ​​quality and freshness. This is to ensure that the masters of the sweet temptation receive the recognition that, in the eyes of their huge fan club, they deserve.

Once a year, several hundred professionals of the fine art of chocolate and truffle making, chocolate-making and fine pastry meet. Far beyond any kind of calorie counting, they value first-class ingredients, finest preparation, and great creativity in producing all these things that unfortunately never appear on a diet. They select one worldwide each year that they think deserve the award for outstanding achievements in the field, giving him a Zuckerhut as a matter of honour. Comparing the award with a kind of Oscar is quite justified. For Heinemann himself, it is as if his company was awarded the third Michelin star as in a gourmet restaurant.

In every sense, Milan was also about looking ahead, Patisserie in the restaurant, new manufacturing techniques and, above all, a look at perfect aesthetics. In line with the motto of the conference: The future of patisserie, the importance is visible to the eye. English: Future of Patisserie: the importance is visible to the eye.

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