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The confiserie Heinemann and Mr. Heinz-Richard Heinemann (Swiss certified master confectioner) have been involved with HIV / AIDS for needy women, men and children since 1987. Therefore we promote the aids activities of the German AIDS Foundation in Bonn and Heinz-Richard Heinemann advises the foundation as a member of the Board of Trustees.


Since 1996 we have been engaged in the festive opera gala in Berlin and since 2010 also for the festive opera gala in Düsseldorf in favour of the AIDS Foundation. The confiserie Heinemann and Mr. Heinz-Richard Heinemann are very happy that the Gala proceeds also support HIV-positive people in Düsseldorf and in the Rhineland.


The German AIDS Foundation helps HIV-positive people in individual emergencies, for example when moving to a barrier-free apartment or with medical aids. In addition, the foundation also supports housing projects in which people find friends and can help each other.


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We support the Deutsche Rote Kreuz Düsseldorf



L EVK Duesseldorf

We support the Hospiz am Evangelischen Krankenhaus Düsseldorf



We support the Rheinische Brauchtum und seine sozialen Projekte.